Olivia Gottlieb

Olivia Gottlieb

Director of Marketing


Olivia’s passion for creative marketing strategies, grassroots campaigns and sleek execution is set to bring GPGC to new heights. Spearheading the Marketing and PR department, Olivia leads a superstar team with an enigmatic vision and robust long-term plan fostering worldwide awareness, engagement, and loyalty for GPGC.

With over 15 years of hands-on executive marketing experience, Olivia has worked with both SMEs as well as large corporations such as Rogers Digital, Harley-Davidson and L’Oreal to name a few.

To truly thrive, GPGC cannot simply follow industry norms, it must stand-out as the industry leader. Olivia’s unique approach in developing cutting-edge result-based global marketing plans positions GPGC as the innovator and trendsetter both in production and in promotion.