Jose Manuel Guerrero

Jose Manuel Guerrero

Vice-President and COO


Jose oversees all aspects of GPGC’s operations, from design to fabrication, testing, installation and training. He also works closely with the Director of R&D to develop advancements in design and manufacturing processes.

Jose previously served as Vice-President of Cegeny. He has extensive knowledge of composite materials, their capacity and their limitations, and he has created efficient systems for the repetitive assembly of structures. Jose was actively involved in working with clients to review their project requirements and find solutions to their unique challenges.

Prior to that, Jose was a Project Manager at Symatrix, coordinating with clients (Hydro-Québec, Via Rail, Nav Can, AMT) and subcontractors. He established quality procedures and controls, supported the R&D team, performed 24-hour testing on equipment, planned and coordinated the transportation of communication shelters by truck, train or helicopter, and supervised the final installation on site.

Jose’s knowledge of the pultrusion process and his work with the engineering team positions him well to lead GPGC’s solar energy and waste-to-energy projects, as well as the implementation of its composite pole manufacturing plants.