Alnoor Sheriff

Alnoor Sheriff

Advisor, Strategy & Social Responsibility

[email protected]

At very early age Alnoor Sheriff was pulled into the wave of thoughts of making a positive impact on this planet and in people lives.

By the age of fourteen destiny took him to live in ten cities and seven countries. He learned to communicate in various ways very early assimilating fast languages of the host country, a life experience no school could have provided. A Immersion in seven world cultures by his teens.

With that foundation as a base Alnoor was set on a mission to make a difference.

With a degree in computer science and few years’ hands on experience he started his 1st venture at 28. Six years later the company was number one position in Quebec fastest growing companies and 2nd in Canada Profit 100. His company continued its growth and stayed in Canadian profit 100 for 3 years in a row. Alnoor went on to be finalist at Entrepreneur of the year in 1998 technology sector.

During that 18 years business journey he discovered business cultures in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Panama, and expanded his business in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, , USA and Canada.

He Describes past 25 years journey as the best learning experience, Alnoor acquired a wealth of knowledge and character, in leadership, management, communication, wisdom, business strategy and built a relationships based on trust and friendship worldwide.

He learned thru time and experiences, life is about loving, listening and being there for others. He is always grateful for what universe has thrown his way and for being blessed.

Since 2013 Alnoor has invested himself in understanding better human kind’s well bein. He coaches young entrepreneurs, facilitates in building alliances within similar business, facilitates worldwide business expansion.

He is passionate about creating space and environment where people can be their best in all areas of life.

One of his advice to all. “ Be careful of what you say or think as it will manifest some how”