Global PoleTrusion Group Corp. Announces Stocks are Now DTC DWAC/FAST Eligible

North Randall, Ohio, February 5, 2018 – Global PoleTrusion Group Corp. (GPGC) is pleased to announce that the Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) has approved its common stock for DWAC/FAST transfer through the Company’s Transfer Agent, Madison Stock Transfer Inc.

The DTC Deposit and Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) service offers the ability to make electronic securities transfers using a Fast Automated Securities Transfer (FAST) transfer agent. This stock transfer capability will allow shareholders to transfer their GPGC shares electronically, without the additional brokerage fees and delays associated with processing physical certificates, while also eliminating the potential risk of losing such certificates and their replacement costs.

“Achieving DTC eligibility is an important milestone in our growth strategy as a public company.” Said Ramiro Guerrero, President and CEO of Global PoleTrusion Group Corp. “This capability will accelerate and simplify the settlement process, allowing for greater efficiency for our shareholders.”

About Global PoleTrusion Group Corp
Global PoleTrusion Group Corp. (GPGC) is an engineering firm that caters to the needs of utility companies, providing poles and towers that outperform their steel, wood and concrete counterparts. They are stronger, lighter, easier to install, environmentally safer and longer lasting. GPGC provides customized solutions for varying needs all over the world.

Forward-Looking Statements
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