Global Pole Trusion Group Corp (Formerly Novacab International, Inc.) Announces Mega Project in Mexico and Peru

NORTH RANDALL, OH, Aug. 3, 2017  – Global Pole Trusion Group Corp (GPGC PinkSheets) announces that it has finalized an Agreement with America’s Technology Group Inc/Extreme Electronic Solutions Inc (referred to as ATG) to provide its products within supply power installations in Mexico and Peru. ATG/XES holds a number of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and agreed to work with the team at Global Pole Trusion Group Corp (GPGC) on the projects in the form of joint ventures in which the latter shall be a 51% partner.

These contracts will require the technology and structures produced by the affiliates of GPGC, namely technology developed by Poletrusion Canada and the final products manufactured by Poletrusion USA.

The project is comprised of 4 PPA’s in Mexico and Peru having a capital cost of approximately $254,000,000 and includes solar/wind power, engineering and preparation of the sites and transmission connection through the poles.

The renewable energy installations have been calculated to produce 86,000,000 kilowatts per year. Using the low end range of $.17 per kilowatt hour, a revenue of $161,000,000 per year with expenses of $6,500,000 is forecast; the total revenues over the 25 year term of the PPA’s is $3,6 billion with expenses of $162,000,000.

The team composed of both parties is preparing for the launch of the project by a welcome meeting with the governors of the various states held during the first week of September 2017.

Fernando Dalmau, CEO of ATG adds, « We are most pleased with our relationship with GPGC and this joint venture format will be used to launch each of the very profitable projects that we have under contract. »

GPGC’s website is being updated under:

The technology was developed over a period of ten years in collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke and the National Research Council of Canada. The directors of the development program are board members with a stellar expertise in both technology and business. (

Global PoleTrusion Group Corp also created two divisions within its operations:

Poletrusion Canada is the engineering division which creates the latest state of the art products based on the needs of its clients. The products are now in the process of homologation with Bell Canada and Hydro One in Ontario. The company is also part of the Chair at the University of Sherbrooke; Dr Benmokrane, a director of the Chair, is part of the technical board at GPGC.

Poletrusion USA is the North American fabrication division. This division includes Martin Global Poletrusion ( which has over 40 years experience in the pultrusion industry. Its expertise and equipment allows for the manufacturing of all machinery, tooling and equipment in the United States.

Global Poletrusion Marketing Group acts as the marketing representative of its products.

The technology has now reached a mature level and obtained homologation from many countries and awaits homologation from many others. There is a worldwide interest in the products which resulted in the awarding of upcoming lucrative contracts in the field of the distribution of electricity. In the following weeks the Company shall keep its shareholders informed as to all developments.

About Global PoleTrusion Group Corp

GPGC serves the needs of utility companies, providing utility posts that outperform all those composed of steel, wood and concrete; these are stronger, lighter, easier to install and environmentally safe.

GPGC is at the forefront of providing creative, effective, state of the art solutions addressing the latest needs such as LED light poles powered by solar and wind technologies. They may be placed on or off grid and provide light, electricity, Wi-Fi connection with camera access.

PoleTrusion Canada is the engineering division that developed the pultrusion technology as it applies to innovative designs for various structures according to specific designs required by its customers.

PoleTrusion USA is the manufacturing division situated near Cleveland, Ohio. It is formed with Martin Pultrusion ( which has over 40 years experience in the pultrusion industry.

The Company’s Novacab technologies are based on patent protected research developed for thermal storage of electricity that is created from the flow of heat. These systems convert heat into electricity which can be stored for future use.

Forward-Looking Statements
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