Global Knowledge and Local Involvement

is a slogan that describes well Global PoleTrusion Group’s business approach.

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To provide novel, innovative solutions possessing a truly superior value proposition to the marketplace by replacing steel or wood with composite materials – well characterized, highly differentiated.


To develop, manufacture and market composite products and solutions that provide our customers with a reliable, highly innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.


Global PoleTrusion Group benefits from an innovative approach to economically design and manufacture composite distribution poles, telecommunication poles, solar/wind technology poles and self Support towers that can be both stronger and lighter than those made of traditional materials (steel, wood, etc)

Global Knowledge and Local Involvement


The infrastructure for hydro and utilities is changing all over the world.

At Global PoleTrusion Group, it is important that we think globally when planning the logistics of supplying utility poles internationally, and that we get involved locally when planning installations, ensuring that our products are beneficial to the community and have minimal impact on the environment.

Global PoleTrusion Group’s Model

Global PoleTrusion Group (GPG) is an engineering firm that caters to the needs of utility companies, providing poles and towers that outperform their steel, wood and concrete counterparts. They are stronger, lighter, easier to install, environmentally safer and longer lasting. Today, we are proud to announce the successful launch of our second division addressing the world’s rapidly evolving needs.

Our society is looking for safer, cleaner and greener solutions, with LED, solar and wind technologies leading the way. Connectivity is a major priority when 60% of the planet does not have Internet access and 1.4 billion people in underdeveloped countries do not have electricity. This large sector of the population demands faster and better access. With its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, GPG is at the forefront of providing creative, effective, state-of-the-art solutions to address these issues.



Electrical distribution & transmission poles

Our composite utility poles have been engineered to outperform wood, steel, and concrete poles and to stand the test of time.

The composite utility poles have been vetted for over two decades by many utility companies around the globe.

Our products are unique because they are:


Environmentally Safe, Will Not Leach


Stronger — Superior Dielectric Strength

Unaffected by Woodpeckers and Termites

Safer for Linemen and Communities

Resistant to Rot and Corrosion


No Pesticides or Preservatives